Lesser-Known Benefits of Pair Programming

Coworkers interrupt less

There’s something about two devs in conversation that discourages interruptions.

Flow is easier to recover

If one of you is interrupted, the other can remain in a flow state, and quickly bring you back in.

You’ll be happier

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to disentangle your mood from how much you got done at work.

When I pair, I get more done due to spending less time distracted or blocked.

I finish the day tired but pleased.

Your hands get a break

RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury, can be caused by excess typing) is no joke. It can end careers.

Pairing lets you share the typing and put fewer miles on your tissues.

You’ll default to collaboration

Pairing trains you to view coding as a team sport.

When faced with a difficult task, you’ll solicit feedback before diving in. When you hit a roadblock you’ll reach out for help rather than stubbornly persisting. During code review, you’ll offer collaborative feedback rather than nit picks.

Thanks to @hugo for this section!

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